Qatari Consulate & educational certificates

Qatari Consulate in London changed their requirements for legalisation of educational certificates (from June 2016) and now require all of the following items in any application:

  1. Certificate/Diploma
  2. Transcript
  3. Cover letter from the issuing educational body confirming ALL of the following six points:
    1. The qualification / genuineness of the certificate,
    2. The mode and type of study: whether full time/part-time or distance learning (E-learning)/ proximate learning (face to face learning),
    3. The place of study and the place where the examination was held,
    4. The awarded title of the issued diploma, i.e. Degree (BA or Bsc), Masters or Doctorate program,
    5. The length of the course,
    6. The actual dates of study (start date and the end date).


Please note that items 1, 2 & 3 above must be attested by the UK FCO.


In addition, any certificate obtained via distance learning or an online program will NOT be accepted for attesting as this is not in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha.


Iranian Consulate

On another matter, please also be informed that the Iranian consulate has increased their fee for attestation of documents – the new fee is £45 per commercial or private document.

Notarised passports in contrast will be attested for an Iranian Consulate fee of £10 per document.

The turnaround time is 1-2 working days.

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