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Land Registry ID1 Form – Verification Service

Same day appointments for ID1 form verification

Appointments available in Central London And Croydon

Please be welcome to contact us and enquire about having your Land Registry ID1 form verified with us.

We offer a verification service in Central London and Croydon for persons requiring assistance in completing the Land Registry ID1 form.

What is a Land Registry ID1 form?

A Land Registry ID1 form is used to certify and prove identity. Typically a Land Registry ID1 form is used in property transactions involving the Land Registry and as a safeguard and protection against identity fraud.

In recent years there has been a significant expansion in anti-money laundering legislative requirements along with an increased focus by the various regulators of different types of legal professionals to ensure compliance.

For example if you have instructed a conveyancer in a residential property or real estate transaction and you do not live locally to them, they may require you to visit a local lawyer and have a Land Registry ID1 verified.

Alternatively, if you are making an application to the Land Registry yourself and do not have legal representation, you must complete an ID1 form.

The official document required to do this is called a Land Registry ID1 Form and this form is valid and accepted by the Land Registry for 3-months from the date your certifier verifies your form.

Before your ID1 will be accepted by the Land Registry, it needs to be verified by a lawyer who will inspect your proof of identity documentation and also meet you in person to verify you are who you say you are.

Our notarial practice rules, require us to inspect for all clients, photographic proof of identity documentation, along with a recent proof of address.

Meeting Requirements

When you attend an appointment with us, please bring the following to your meeting:

1) Land Registry ID1 form

2) Two recent passport-sized colour photographs

3) One of the following photographic proof of identity:

  • Current valid passport
  • Current photo driving licence
  • Current Biometric Residence Permit

For persons who do not hold Passports or Photo-Driver’s Licences – typically, this is usually only the very elderly who no longer travel overseas or drive – the Land Registry will instead accept a verification of TWO of following documents:

  • Bank statement not less than three months old (which must be a postal statement, not an electronic statement)
  • Council tax bill for the year
  • Council rent book showing payments for the past three months
  • Mortgage statement for the mortgage accounting year just ended (which must be a postal statement, not an electronic statement)
  • Current firearm or shotgun certificate

As your certifier, we will complete section B of your Land Registry ID1 form. Once verified by us, your ID1 form is ready to be sent to the Land Registry.

Land Registry ID2 Form Verification Service

Land Registry ID2 forms are used to verify the proof of identity of Corporate Bodies such as limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

For example in a situation where a corporate body is involved in a Land Registry related property transaction, it is likely an ID2 form may require verification.

The ID2 form is used to verify the identity of both United Kingdom based companies and corporations and also overseas corporate entities located outside of the United Kingdom.

As well as verifying the existence and registration of the corporate entity, it is also a requirement for us the verify both:

  1. the proof of identity of the individual, representing the corporate entity and also
  2. the legal authority of that individual, to lawfully represent the corporate entity

An example, of where an individual has legal authority to represent a corporate body, is where the corporate body has passed a specific Board Resolution, specifically authorising the individual to sign on behalf of the corporate body, in relation to the contemplated Land Registry related transaction.

Another example, is where the corporate body has made a valid Power of Attorney, specifically authorising the individual to sign on behalf of the corporate body, in relation to the contemplated Land Registry related transaction.

Where can I obtain Land Registry ID1 & ID2 Forms?

Please see the following links, from the relevant government website pages, where these forms can be downloaded:Form ID1 can be downloaded here.

Form ID2 can be downloaded here.

HM Land Registry Guidance on completing Land Registry ID1 and ID2 forms can be found at the following webpage: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/completing-forms-id1-and-id2

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