Our offices are located directly opposite the front of Charing Cross Station at: Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street, London, WC2N 4JF View in Maps

Friendly and dynamic Notary service

We are London based professional firm of notaries offering a full range of notary services, to the highest standard.

We see clients at our Notary London offices and provide a visiting service throughout London.

Our notarial services include all forms of notary public certifications, as well as providing apostille legalisation, consular and translation services.

In certain matters, we will use an online electronic Antihttps://www.notarypublic.london/search/-Money Laundering Search (AML) identity verification system to check and verify your personal proof of identity and passport documentation against various different data sources.

AML searches are also often undertaken to check and verify limited companies.

Our AML search provider is www.amlsearch.co.uk and we charge £6 per AML search including VAT and this cost is added to your invoice as a disbursement. Please see section 12 of our Terms and Conditions.

The Notary Public.London offices are located on the Strand directly opposite Charing Cross train station, close to Covent Garden and just off Trafalgar Square.

We are pleased to see you at our offices during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.

Notary London

“WALK IN” NOTARY SERVICE but please call ahead of visiting.

We aim to offer a walk-in service 8:15 to 6:30pm Monday to Friday.
Availability for the walk-in service is approximately 97% – 98% of the time.
Inevitably “WALK IN” will never be 100% availability & to ensure you do not wait, we advise that you please simply call ahead of visiting.


Apostille StampNotary appointment

By appointment we provide an all-London visiting Notary Public Out of Hours Weekend and Evening service. 

If you require a Mobile Notary service, then we will visit you at your office or home.

The mobile notary service:

Assisting private individuals or businesses who are otherwise unavailable to travel to our offices and enjoy the convenience of the notary coming to them.

Where urgency and speed for the safe & efficient return of your notarised documents are of importance, our express in-house notary courier is pleased to save you time.

We provide an in-house delivery service, throughout the entire central London area and beyond, of your notarised or legalised documents, direct to your home or office.

Our Legalisation service includes different options for you in the speeds of Apostille/Legalisation services you want.


Our Fast/express Legalisation Service at the Legalisation Office in Westminster, being a SAME DAY apostille/legalisation service, is ideal for urgent or emergency applications, where time is of the essence.

In order to obtain SAME DAYSPEED apostille/legalisation, please attend our offices before 12 noon.


We also supply a cheaper NEXT WORKING DAY Apostille Legalisation Service at the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes.

In order to obtain the NEXT WORKING DAY Apostille Legalisation Service, please attend our offices before 11am.

Expert and experienced in the procedures of all London Consulates including their application processes, document requirements, fees, time scales, public holidays, recent amendments.

If you think you may need to meet with a notary public, or alternatively simply have an initial enquiry about the notary public process, then please call or email us today.

Notary Public.London are a friendly firm and are pleased to discuss your situation, supply a no-obligation free quotation and answer all of your general enquiries about seeing a notary public.

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