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London Notary Public Service – for legal documents to be submitted in Turkey

We regularly assist both British and Turkish nationals requiring notary public help with their legal affairs in Turkey.

In addition to offering notary public services, we collaborate with Ali Selman Burak, a skilled and experienced Turkish Translator who is also a Turkish national.

Please contact expert Turkish Translator ALI SELMAN for help in preparing your Turkish language papers:



What’s App: +44 7565 459531

Email: info@rotals.co.uk






Turkish Notarisation Service

Many legal papers, that are required for submission in Turkey, require notarisation by a UK Notary Public. Turkey is a civil law jurisdiction and the Turkish Civil Code was adopted in 1926 following the founding of the Turkish Republic. The Turkish Civil Code replaced the previous Sharia-derived Ottoman law. Following the ratification of the Turkish Civil Code, the Turkish Constitution is now the supreme source of law.

Article 142 of the Turkish Constitution enshrines in law the principle that the organisation, duties and jurisdiction of the Turkish courts, their functions and the Turkish trial procedures are all regulated in law by the Turkish Constitution.

We can assist you in notarising your papers for Turkey. For example, Powers of Attorney, to buy or sell land and property or for divorce related matters, are amongst the most common forms of instruction for notary public services, we receive for Turkey. We also receive request for Turkey for Turkish Travel Consents or Turkish Court Papers for Turkish Powers of Attorney for Litigation taking place in Turkish courts.

Sometimes a Power of Attorney is required to change ownership of an asset or property in Turkey and the services of a notary public are required.

Sometimes a Travel Consent is required to enable a child or children to travel to and from Turkey.


travel consent

Sometimes a Travel Consent is required to enable a child or children to travel to and from Turkey.


Please be welcome to see us for a notary public service if you require your papers notarised for submission in Turkey.

Turkish Legalisation Service

The notarised papers stamped by the Notary Public in London may also then additionally require Apostille / Legalisation from the UK Foreign Office.

Turkey is a member of the Hague Convention, which means documents embossed with an Apostille Legalisation certificate, will be accepted for legal purposes in Turkey.

Documents issued in the United Kingdom, who need to be presented in Turkey, may require a notary public and legalisation, for example:

  • Affidavits
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Turkish Citizenship Applications
  • Medical Reports
  • Turkish Divorce applications
  • Employment Records
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Tax Affairs and Taxation related papers
  • Court Orders or other court papers
  • Professional or academic qualifications
  • Turkish Translation Service

We can help and assist through our Turkish Translation partner Ali Selman Burak – tel: +44 7565459531 – with Turkish translation requests in fast timescales, including urgent same day translations, for both:

  • Turkish language to English Language
  • English language to Turkish language

We supply notarised Translator’s Certificates in conjunction with our Turkish Translator.

Translator’s Certificates will enable the validity of the translation, notarised by a notary public, to be recognised at the United Kingdom Home Office as well as other institutions of the EU and other organisations and professional bodies.

We have assisted client requiring notary public services from all areas of Turkey including the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Ankara and as well as transactions taking place in Cappadocia, Ephesus, Bodrum, Side, Marmaris and Konya.

Assistance with all forms of Turkish language translation and interpretation requests, in conjunction
with notary public services, are readily available.

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