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Consular legalisation for United Arab Emirates – UAE

Legalisation of documents for UAE

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Legalisation required. Our UAE apostille services 

This is followed by Consular legalisation obtained from the UAE Consulate.

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The UAE Consulate in London accepts documents from Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Jersey, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands, but they are required to be first legalised or attested by, either the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) or Governors’ Offices of Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey, the Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Islandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs, according to the region where the document originated.

For legalisation of educational certificate, the Notary must certify directly on the reverse page of the document and the FCO Apostille is to be attached on the actual educational certificate. The notarial certificate can still be bound together with the educational certificate as long as the Apostille is attached to the educational certificate itself.

Documents from the UAE need to be endorsed by the UAE Ministry for Foreign Affairs before this Embassy could attest them. Documents from British Overseas Territories will require attestation by the Government of the Territory concerned prior to submission for the FCO legalisation.

Documents must be notarised and Apostilled separately, except Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name in relation to the same company and degree certificate and transcripts in relation to the same course and individual are accepted to be bundled together under the same notarial certificate and Apostille and only one consular fee would apply.

Foreign documents are usually not accepted. The Consulate may accept foreign documents depending on the type of document and under specific circumstances. In case of foreign documents, they must be first attested by the relevant diplomatic body of the country of origin of the document in the UK, then notarised and Apostilled prior to submission to the UAE Consulate in London for further legalisation.

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for legalisation by the UAE Consulate.


The legalisation fee charge of the United Emirates Consulate is £420 per document for a company documents (Inc. third party transaction fees for international payment to the MoFA in the UAE) and £32 per document for a personal document (Inc. third party transaction fees for international payment to the MoFA in the UAE). Court order document where a company is a party, the consulate may charge a fee of £35.

As of 3rd March 2017, cash payment is no longer accepted by the UAE Consulate. The methods of payment accepted are card in person by private individuals and Online by Legalisation Agents registered with the UAE Consulate in London. Additional international bank charge fee applies if payment is made by card to the UAE Consulate account in their local currency.

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