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Consular legalisation for Iraq

Notarisation of documents for Iraq

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Legalisation required.
This is followed by Consular legalisation from the Iraqi Consulate in London.
As per Circular 766 (Arab-British Chamber of Commerce), documents containing handwritten amendments/insertions will not be accepted for legalisation. The document’s content, except for the actual signature (s), must be entirely in print, including any internal references.
All documents to be legalised for Iraq should contain the registration number and UK address of any company mentioned in the document, as well as the passport/ID number of any persons named in the text.
Two photocopies of the documents for legalisation should be supplied, if commercial documents, or one photocopy if private document.
If the private document is a Power of Attorney, document holder must attend the consular section of the Iraqi Consulate in person in order to sign it in the presence of the Consular Officer.

Different fees and time scales apply depending on whether or not the document is of a commercial or corporate nature or alternatively if a matter concerns a private individual or persons and is of a personal nature.

For personal documents please allow up to 2-3 working days for consular legalisation. The legalisation fee charge of the Iraqi Consulate is £12 per document.

For documents of a commercial or corporate nature please allow up to 1-2 weeks for consular legalisation. The legalisation fee charge of the Iraqi Consulate is £145 per document. Commercial documents additionally require legalisation at the London and Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and additional fee of £48.03 for standard service (up to 2 weeks) or £87.03 for express service (2-3 working days) apply.

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London – Consular Section
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